Recipe: Chimichurri Chicken

Now that Spring has finally sprung, what better way to celebrate than a picnic! WNC may have some of the most beautiful picnic locations around and local author Ashley English’s new book, A Year of Picnics, has the perfect food to accompany every locale from waterside to mountaintop. Grab your picnic blanket and enjoy the … Continued

I <3 NY

Probably not a lot. Anyone who has ever visited can tell you it is the largest city in the U.S. with more than 8.5 million inhabitants. It is also the most ethnically diverse, with approximately 37% of the population being foreign born. This being my first visit to New York, I was overwhelmed by the … Continued

Can a Simple Vegetable Garden Change the World?

Envision a seed – a small capsule containing all the genes, enzymes, and energy needed to create life. Each year seed companies dispose of billions of seeds because their progeny may not conform to acceptable commercial standards, they are left over from previous years inventory, or perhaps the company wants to donate seed for a … Continued