Local by Design

Katuah Market’s Unique Business Structure Puts Local First   Fresh produce, meats, cheeses, beverages, recycled paper towels, soaps and supplements: To be sure, six-month-old Katuah Market in Biltmore Village has all the trappings of the average natural foods store, or a typical supermarket for that matter. It’s what you don’t see that founder and CEO … Continued

Storm Rhum Bar & Bistro

Local farmers and foragers round out the fare at Storm most days by coming to the kitchen door with their bounty. Executive Chef Owen McGlynn loves the challenge of adding the fresh flavors and textures that are necessary to create the complex, yet simple dishes which have become Storm’s signature. Generating a satisfying taste explosion … Continued

Flavor Your Life With Easy-to-Grow

All of us know that herbs enhance our cooking with layers of flavor; but how many of us have tried to grow and use our very own fresh herbs? In this “eat local” age, your sunny front porch is about as local as you can get! Herbs are basically weeds that taste good. Somewhere back … Continued

Hyper-Local Food

Now let’s get one thing straight. I love to eat. There’s nothing better than a delicious home-cooked dinner with friends and a few bottles of red. Any chef worth her weight in beans, though, will tell you that the secret to a delicious meal is fresh ingredients. Freshly harvested fruits and veggies bring intense flavors, … Continued

Shopping Local Markets

Create a meal plan. Just like shopping at a grocery store, you will spend less by planning ahead. Get there early. Most of the best quality produce is purchased first and popular items may sell out early in the day. Walk the entire market before you buy. This way you can find the best looking … Continued