Healthy Harvest 
Natural Foods

Located in Brevard, NC, a beautiful and magical little town nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains, amongst hiking trails and waterfalls, Healthy Harvest Natural Foods is a delight to those who find living organically a cause for celebration! Healthy Harvest is a natural foods store, providing only the best in whole food dietary supplements, local organically grown produce, local humanely raised meats, local honey and eggs, organic foods, health and beauty products, books and more. But what sets Healthy Harvest apart from other stores is the enthusiasm and authenticity of its owner Stella Godwin.

Stella was raised on an organic farm in the mountains of western NC and was taught the ways of plants and herbs by her mother, Janet. They worked together from dawn to dusk many days, preparing the soil, turning compost, and when the heat of mid-day prompted a break, they would take walks through the forest, identifying native plants, medicinal wild foods and herbs, then trek down to the creek where they’d dip their toes and play with the crawfish. After a nice cool off, it was back to the farm for more planting or harvesting. Whatever the farm needed, they would do. “It was a knowing of what the plants needed and wanted as we were so close with what was going on with the life around us, this is what made it so much fun and it is this same principle that makes my work here at the store and within the community so much fun! It is this connection to the earth that was instilled within me as a child that has stayed with me and inspired me to have, not only a store here, but a space in which to facilitate knowledge and well being. To me, a health food store isn’t just about the latest trends, but a place in which people come to get the highest quality and life affirming foods, as well as food based dietary supplements; but what they also get here is knowledge, care and understanding. As we become connected to the earth, we become more connected to one another; as we become more connected to one another, we become more connected to the earth. It is a two way street, so to speak, we begin to care and understand the needs of our fellow beings and of the ground which gives us life. I truly love the folks who come in and am so grateful to live and thrive in such an amazing area as this.” Stella has expanded her business to now include a farm, where, with the help of a few good friends and family, she grows seasonal produce and is very adamant about the source of seeds and the methods which are utilized. Organic and non-GMO, no exception to these high standards, and it shows in the beauty and taste of the foods grown on her farm.

“I have been asked, why organic, and the simple answer is that it just plain tastes better.” She goes on to say that organic is not new, it is how food was grown for centuries, before industrial agriculture. Stella beams as she tells of how good her great grandmother’s creamed corn tasted, before GMOs and when the cream was fresh. “Good food, grown and produced with love, made available to our community, is what we are all about at Healthy Harvest!”